How your MoodBoard Works

Malone Fabrics website allows you to interactively pick, store and order samples directly from their Moodboard in easy to use steps.

The Moodboard uses cookies so it is unique to a single device.

1.) Your MF Moodboard is on the right hand side of all pages relating to fabric products and to start using it firstly click on a Range booklet (such as Sotega)

How your MoodBoard Works 1

2.) Once you have arrived at your desired range you will see the full range of swatches and the blue button underneath swatches and the Range booklet to add your choices.

How your MoodBoard Works 4

3.) You can now add your favorite swatches which will now appear in the your Moodboard

How your MoodBoard Works 3

4.) ... and if you wish the full range booklets as well.

How your MoodBoard Works 4

5.) ... You can move to different pages and Ranges and your choices will now be shown in your Moodboard throughout the site.

How your MoodBoard Works

6.) Once you have finished looking you can click on the Blue Moodboard heading which will take you to your full Moodboard page where you can order your desired samples from Malone Fabric.

How your MoodBoard Works 6