Amazingly Authentic Paratexa NF

Paratexa NF is a high-quality upholstery material with a very realistic textile look.

The trendy colour selection, pleasant feel and extremely detailed embossing make skai Paratexa NF a genuine premium product which has recently been presented with the iconic: interior innovation Winner - Award 2017.

With a Crib 5 flame resistance standard it is ideal for use in the design-oriented commercial and public sector projects.

Weissbach, January 10, 2017 - From January 10-13, 2017 the world of interior design is once more a guest at the Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt. Hornschuch will be presenting its new products in the field of upholstery to interested industry experts at Booth D15 in Hall 4. The company also in 2017 presents surfaces that touch. Impressive designs and outstanding technical properties are the distinguishing features of the high-quality skai® materials. The stars at Heimtextil will be the two new B1 articles skai® Paduna Stars NF and skai® Paratexa NF, both of which are equipped with filigree textile embossing.

Amazingly authentic

The brand new upholstery covering material skai® Paratexa NF takes up the current textile trend. The noble surface structure in combination with the modern textile look and the trendy colour selection produce a particularly natural feel. The premium product has recently been presented with the label iconic Award 2017: interior innovation - Winner. The material also satisfies the demanding B1 flame resistance standard and is therefore ideal for use in the design-oriented commercial and public sector.

Enchanted in textile

In addition to textile optics, shiny metallic surfaces are still the very latest trend. The innovation skai® Paduna Stars NF combines both trends in itself, as the material is also furnished with a delicate textile structure. In 16 trendy metallic shades - including the fashionable shades of taiga, night blue, ruby and berry - the material has an elegant and noble effect. It is particularly well-suited as an eye-catcher and for decorative applications in the hospitality industry, such as headboards and wall coverings. Since this innovative material also satisfies the B1 flame resistance standard, it is also ideally suited for use in the commercial and public sector.

Five fresh colours for the classics

For skai® Sotega, the modern classic, there are now five additional fresh trendy colours. The high-quality skai® material stands out due to its soft nappa quality and classical leather grain. It is particularly popular in the exclusive residential sector, in the catering industry, in restaurants and bars, as well as in the retail sector and the hospitality industry. The life-like appearance and feel of skai® Sotega is unique and makes the material a best-seller. In the same way as the new colours of sand, azure blue, taiga, denim and light grey, which extend the colour range to a total of 48 shades.

New colours have also been added to the skai® Palma NF portfolio. skai® Palma NF is a high-quality material with a fine calf leather grain and a subtle printed image. The upholstery covering material is universally applicable and particularly suitable for the demanding commercial and public sector, such as catering and the hotel trade, as well as public buildings and facilities such as nursing homes for the elderly and retirement homes. The upholstery material is particularly easy to care for and durable due to its outstanding technical specifications. skai® Palma NF stands out due to the high levels of comfort, robustness and above all flame protection which it offers, with the high-quality material fulfilling the strict B1 technical standard. With the new colours of lime, smoke blue, peat, olive-green and light grey, skai® Palma NF is now available in 20 attractive colours.

skai® digital print

Small production series and individual projects can now be equipped by Hornschuch's customers with designs from the high-quality skai® digital print collection to give themselves a leading edge on the market. The high-quality upholstery materials skai® Pandoria Plus and skai® Toledo EN serve as the basic quality with three different forms of embossing (an elegant leather grain, a classic textile grain and a fine microporous structure). They are digitally printed directly and then finished with a varnish. The two versions differ from one another mainly in terms of their flame retardant properties, with the skai® Pandoria Plus basic quality displaying the better flame protection. 12 innovative motifs with various forms of embossing are available. These are intended to serve as an inspiration and highlight the possibilities of digital printing. The designs impress with their intensely brilliant colours and their unique 3D effects. They range from a wood design, through textiles to fantasy motifs.

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