Experience sustainability with skai®

Our innovative skai® product range stands for state-of-the-art surface solutions that contribute measurable added value to a greener future with consistently sustainable products.


Sustainability is of real value to people and the environment when it is actively practiced – which is why we have committed ourselves to sustainable products. Key aspects:


Climate-neutral as the new reality

Our goal is climate neutrality. We are aiming for 100% climate neutrality along the entire value chain.

Good working conditions

Our staff are our most valuable resource. This is why it is of fundamental importance for us to offer inspiring, healthy and fair working conditions.


Circular management

Our stated goal is to create resource and product cycles that are 100% closed.

Zero Emissions

We aim to make our business and mobility 100% emission-free.


Value chain with responsibility

Our goal is total responsibility in our sourcing and business partnerships.

Experiencing sustainability: skai® surfaces

Our skai® product range stands for state-of-the-art surface solutions that follow a holistic approach along the entire process chain: through innovative, sustainable product design, CO2 and bio-based raw materials, recyclable product design and the use of recycled raw materials. In this way, we are ensuring that we can make a measurable value-adding contribution to a greener future with consistently sustainable products and make what we mean by sustainability apparent to all our senses.

skai® Sustainability Matrix

Our sustainability matrix provides information on which skai® products meet which sustainability criteria. This practical overview is available for following collections:

Sustainability Matrix